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Knosen Antiques

Antique Metamorphic Step Stool Circa 1920

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One very cool metamorphic step stool— a beautiful robin's egg blue base with paint splatters and tons of character from its use over the years. The steps fold right back into the stool (see videos). A great companion for all of your sitting, reaching, plant watering, painting, book grabbing, you-name-it needs. 

Dimensions: 23.5"H x 14"W x 24"D (at foot when fully extended)
15"D when not extended

Please note: antiques can (and often do!) come with dents, chips, cracks, stains, uneven coloring, and signs of their old age—small details that contribute to big character.

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Knosen Antiques does not accept returns. Please email us for any additional information, photos, and details to assist before purchasing.